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Premier Estate Sales and Appraisals

We get the job done with terrific results!

What We Do

We customize our sales around our clients schedule and needs. Every sale is different. All you have to do is give us a call and you will have results instantly. We have a facebook page with over 1000 people following our sales every week. We set up nice displays, mark every single item in the house, advertise, clean up and get the house ready to sell if necessary. Generally we will start on a Monday and by the following Monday the whole house is empty.

How We Do It

We make very beautiful and organized displays. We set up as many tables as we need. Every single item in the house is marked. We work for commission so our goal is to get as much money as we possibly can for every single item. Uncommon items are researched extensively to ensure we get the best price possible. The majority of items we sell we come across every week, so we know exactly what price to set based on what area we are in.

We Bring The Crowd With Us Every Week!

With over 1000 customers on our facebook page we have a huge following. Every city we go to, every week when people see our ads they come to buy. It doesn't matter how far North or South we go we see them every week and many of them are like family. Also when people are out and about in town and happen to see our beautiful eye catching signs, they always come by.

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.

The estate sale industry is hands down the biggest recycling business. Everything is recycled, from the items we sell to the bags and newspaper we give to our customers. As the estate sale industry grows we take one step closer to being less dependent on big box stores.

How Are Items Like Furniture Removed From The House?

We have professional movers that have 40 plus years combined moving experience. This does two things, people don't have to worry about figuring out how to get it to their vehicle and that increases sales because loading is half the battle. The second reason this helps is because no one has to worry about inexperienced people dismantling/carrying items through the home. We take care of all that, we come prepared with the right tools and moving equipment. We do this every week so there are never any problems.

What Do You Need To Do Before An Estate Sale?

Just figure out what is for sale and what is not for sale. DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY! This is rule number one for all estate sale companies. The more items at a sale the better the sale will be. It is all the little stuff in the cupboards, cabinets and closets that make a sale great. This goes back to recycling, why pay to take it to the landfill if someone is will to pay you for it and in turn reuse it. You won't believe what people will buy, if it doesn't detract from the sale appearance let's try to sell it.

About Us

Hello my name is Shawn Ivey and I am the company owner. I want to personally thank you for considering Premier Estate Sales & Appraisals to help you or someone you may know. I also want to tell you a little bit about my self. I am 29 years old and have been in the estate sale field for nearly 10 years now. You name it we have sold it and moved it. Before that my father and I bought and sold at swap meets since I was 12 years old. When I was 15 I started doing online auctions. My father and I also bought, restored and sold vintage surfboards. I started young because it took a team effort to get by, and I did as much as I could to help our family. Well I am thankful for how everything played out because people tell me that I am very knowledgeable beyond my years. So long story short, I may look young but I have years of experience in fields all across the board.

Bottom line every member of our staff eat, sleep and breathe estate sales. We wake up everyday happy and excited to do what we do. You want know what we do when we go home and relax? We watch antiques roadshow, pickers and pawnstars in that order. We enjoy what we do and are always trying to expand our knowledge. We have all been both buyers and sellers at some point in time, so we know both sides of the field very well. We all have expertise in various areas, and together we make perfection.

When Should You Call Us?

RIGHT NOW! When we get busy, we get really busy! Call us as soon as you finish reading this, so we can give you a free consultation and figure out what time frame works for everyone.

For more information feel free to call anytime (805) 904-9748.

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